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hii i'm fuure, an aspiring artist/animator!
this page contains links to my commissions, giveaways,
social media, donations and more!

i'm creating LGBT content for anime, games, tv and film.
my favourite things to draw are people, food and scenery!!

art accounts
main | guro | r18

music, solarpunk, cyberpunk, sci-fi, biology, astronomy, retro, vaporwave, lo-fi, my identity/experiences

be 2D/3D animator, learn to scuba dive, reach JLPT-N1, become healthy and be my best/kindest self.

rain gif
rain gif

local ghost

name clear

pronouns he / him ⚣

mbti infp-t

zodiac cancer ☾

likes rainstorms, autumn, vodka and happy cats

dislikes cilantro, unkind personalities, teeth horror, mosquitoes

fave food korean spicy beef ramyeon, shrimp tempura, cheese

location australia




– victuuri doujin 9/12 ★★★★☆
– tododeku animatic ☆☆☆☆☆
– YOI charity zine ☆☆☆☆☆

Youtube subscriber giveaway!
tumblr art giveaway!
– regular art livestream (coming soon)

you can support my work using the methods below, as well as following and sharing my art from my social media accounts!

rain gif

Art Accounts!

More Info

Hi there. Here is , uhhh, some additional facts about me???