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digital artist and aspiring animator!
here's some helpful info about my work, commissions, etc

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  • multifandom works from anime, manga, tv and games, especially featuring LGBT relationships

  • My favourite things to draw are boys, food, and cool scenery! I love using pleasant colours c:

  • I keep explicit works on separate accounts, but some stuff I draw over here has nsfw versions accessible through patreon!

  • music most of all ♪~

  • sci-fi / astronomy / cyberpunk

  • nature / biology / solarpunk

  • retro anime / vaporwave / lo-fi

✏ Creating with Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop CC 2015, Autodesk Maya

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Queer and neurodivergent artist ! Please treat me kindly!

name clear furuya

age 25

pronouns he / they

status taken -- poly

mbti infp-t

zodiac cancer ☾

likes rainstorms, autumn, pretty boys, and happy cats

dislikes cilantro, unkind personalities, teeth horror, trypophobia ;A;

fave food korean spicy beef ramyeon, shrimp tempura

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  • Japanese Style Originator

► currently playing

  • No time for games lol

► currently jamming to ♪


Here you can check for updates and get info on commissions!



● victuuri doujin comm
★★☆☆☆ (sketching)

● ami-angelo comm

If you wanna help out in other ways,
you can also tip me on ko-fi or pledge $1 a month to my patreon!

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More Info

Hi there. Here is , uhhh, some additional facts about me???