Clear | 26 | He/They | INFP

BIO ▶ trans, neurodivergent artist. identity diffusion turned me into a ghost, but where is my machine?

ART ▶ I'm creating LGBT content for anime, games, tv and film. My favourite things to draw are people, food and scenery!! ♡

INSPO ▶ music, solarpunk, cyberpunk, sci-fi, biology, astronomy, retro, vaporwave, lo-fi, my identity / experiences

GOALS ▶ become 2D/3D animator, learn to scuba dive, reach JLPT-N1, become healthy and be my best self.

likes rainstorms, autumn, junji ito, happy cats

dislikes cilantro, unkind people, mosquitoes, hot weather

Status: Open

Will / Won't Draw

will draw: pairings, lewd, simple mecha, light injury, kemono (flat-faced), dark themes

might draw: oc x canon, nsfw

won't draw: animals, heavy mecha, politics, logos etc

🌱 commissions aside, if you wish to support me/my art, please consider pledging to my patreon or buying me a ko-fi!


Portrait - $30
Fullbody - $40

  • extra character + 50%

  • complex background + 50%

  • complex outfit +30%

  • complex prop + 20%

simply shaded with some highlights


Portrait - $50
Fullbody - $70

  • extra character + 50%

  • complex background + 50%

  • complex outfit +30%

  • complex prop + 20%

more render + polish

Art in Progress


personal projects:
– yoru no yume tododeku amv ★☆☆☆☆
– copy light - TK from ling tosite sigure (len kagamine append vocaloid cover) ★☆☆☆☆

my discord server!
Youtube subscriber giveaway!

twitch streaming:
wednesdays 5PM PST
saturdays 8pm pst
depending on my mental health lmfao
(click to convert to your time zone!)

Terms of Service


• Reposting my art anywhere is not permitted.
• You may use my art as icon or header with permission only, and credit must be included.
• Editing my art in any way (adding text, tracing, removing watermark etc) is NOT permitted.
These are the terms for using any linearts of mine.
• All violations are reported and the individuals permanently blocked. If you encounter a violation, you can:

1) Let them know I don't allow reposts.
2) Let me know about the violation so I can report it.


• I will send a rough sketch for your approval, where I can make changes. After that I will not send any further work until I am finished, unless specifically requested.
• I will fix any mistakes at the end for free, and I will make up to 3 minor preferential changes at the end to your piece
• Turnaround depends on complexity and availability. Usually between 1-3 weeks, can vary.


• Full payment is required before starting work, and it must be through PayPal (or ko-fi in special circumstances).
• If you cancel before I've started work you are entitled to a full refund, but if you cancel after I've started work I can only offer a partial refund.


As the artist:
• I reserve the right to reject or cancel any order for any reason.
• I retain copyright over the artwork.
• I can post the commission on sites, use it in banners and other means of promoting myself.
• I will not profit further from the commissioned work.

As the customer:
• You cannot trace, copy or claim the artwork as your own, nor remove the watermark.
• You may use the artwork as wallpaper/avatar/etc, as long as credit is given.
• You may NOT repost the artwork without permission.
• You agree to use it exclusively for personal non-profit use. You can NOT make profits from the commissioned artwork (reselling, prints, merchandise etc.)