Clear | 27 | He/They/Ne | INFP-T

BIO ▶ queer trans neurodivergent artist. identity diffusion made me a ghost, but where is my machine?

ART ▶ I'm creating LGBT content for anime, games, tv and film. My favourite things to draw are people, food and scenery!! ♡

INSPO ▶ music, solarpunk, cyberpunk, sci-fi, biology, astronomy, retro, vaporwave, lo-fi, my identity / experiences

GOALS ▶ become 2D/3D animator, learn to scuba dive, reach JLPT-N1, become healthy and be my best self.

likes rainstorms, autumn, junji ito, happy cats, charcuterie

dislikes cilantro, unkind people, mosquitoes, hot weather

le infodump

  • Name: Clear Halcyon Furuya

  • Age: 27

  • Pronouns: he/him/his, ne/nim/nir

  • Location: Australia

  • Gender: Transgender • Non-binary transmasculine, specifically boyflux / bxy.

  • Sexual Orientation: Queer • gay, specifically omniromantic greysexual with pref. for male/masc

  • Status: Taken • Polyamorous, closed

  • my loves: bf | gf | qpp

  • Worldview: secular humanist

  • Politics: ecosocialist

  • Professional Diagnoses: cPTSD, qBPD, depression, anxiety, gender dysphoria disorder, ednos

lol so this is just a fancy way of saying i'm a gay trans boy,

but i have written down who i am in more detail bc i have identity diffusion and this is a good reference for me.

Will / Won't Draw

will draw: pairings, lewd, nsfw, light injury, kemono (flat-faced), dark themes

might draw: oc x canon, kink, simple mecha, gore

won't draw: animals, heavy mecha, politics, logos etc, real people, realism

🌱 commissions aside, if you wish to support me/my art, please consider pledging to my patreon or buying me a ko-fi!

⚧️ all proceeds go to affording top surgery! ⚧️


Portrait - $30
Fullbody - $40

  • extra character + 50%

  • complex background + 50%

  • complex outfit +30%

  • complex prop + 20%

simply shaded with some highlights


Portrait - $50
Fullbody - $70

  • extra character + 50%

  • complex background + 50%

  • complex outfit +30%

  • complex prop + 20%

more render + polish

Art in Progress

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to do list :
🌱yoru no yume tododeku amv ★★☆☆☆
🌱 copy light - TK from ling tosite sigure (len kagamine cover) ★☆☆☆☆

comms = 🌻
personal = 🌱

my discord server!

twitch streaming:
wednesdays 5PM PST
saturdays 8pm pst
depending on my mental health lmfao
(click to convert to your time zone!)

Terms of Service

Please read these before commissioning me or using my art!


• Reposting my art anywhere is not permitted.
• You may use my art as icon or header with permission only, and credit must be included.
• Editing my art in any way (adding text, tracing, removing watermark etc) is NOT permitted.
These are the terms for using any linearts of mine.
• All violations are reported. If you encounter a violation, you can:

1) Let them know I don't allow reposts. (please use 'he' pronouns)
2) Let me know about the violation so I can report it.


• I will send a rough sketch for your approval, where I can make changes. After that I will not send any further work until I am finished, unless specifically requested.
• I will fix any mistakes at the end for free, and I will make up to 3 minor preferential changes at the end to your piece
• Turnaround depends on complexity and availability. Usually between 1-3 weeks, can vary.


• Full payment is required before starting work, and it must be through PayPal (or ko-fi in special circumstances).
• If you cancel before I've started work you are entitled to a full refund, but if you cancel after I've started work I can only offer a partial refund.


As the artist:
• I reserve the right to reject or cancel any order for any reason.
• I retain copyright over the artwork.
• I can post the commission on sites, use it in banners and other means of promoting myself.
• I will not profit further from the commissioned work.

As the customer:
• You cannot trace, copy or claim the artwork as your own, nor remove the watermark.
• You may use the artwork as wallpaper/avatar/etc, as long as credit is given.
• You may NOT repost the artwork without permission.
• You agree to use it exclusively for personal non-profit use. You can NOT make profits from the commissioned artwork (reselling, prints, merchandise etc.)