about the artist

i'm creating LGBT content for anime, games, tv and film.
my favourite things to draw are people, food and scenery!! โ™ก

music, solarpunk, cyberpunk, sci-fi, biology, astronomy, retro, vaporwave, lo-fi, my identity/experiences

be 2D/3D animator, learn to scuba dive, reach JLPT-N1, become healthy and be my best self.

rain gif
rain gif

name clear

pronouns he / they

mbti infp-t

zodiac cancer โ˜พ

likes rainstorms, autumn, junji ito, happy cats

dislikes cilantro, unkind people, mosquitoes, hot weather

fave food korean spicy beef ramyeon

location ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ


art status



erasermic car thing?
monthly sfw and nsfw poll winner
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twitch streaming:
wednesdays 5PM PST
saturdays 8pm pst
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please do not ever repost my art,
and if you see someone doing so, please tell me so i can report them.

thank you!! ;w;

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๐ŸŒฑ commissions aside, if you wish to support me/my art/my top surgery, I highly encourage you to pledge to my patreon or buy me a ko-fi!

rain gif

local ghost
if you think i exist, no you don't

name clear aequorea furuya


pronouns he / they

gender agender-masc
โ–ถ see also: trans, nb

orientation 99% gay
โ–ถ grey-aroace

mbti infp-t

sun: cancer
moon: aquarius
ascendant: gemini

likes rainstorms, autumn, charcuterie and happy cats

dislikes cilantro, unkind personalities, mosquitoes

fave food korean spicy beef ramyeon, shrimp tempura, cheese

location a rainy kyoto street

brainstuff qBPD (co depression, anxiety), C-PTSD, dysphoria

  • Hi there! I'm just a creature that enjoys making art. If you're chill, feel free to message me anytime. If you need support, I'm absolutely here!!

  • A lot has happened to me, so I am trying to heal :D Thanks in advance for being kind.

  • If you find me or my art to your distaste, that's okay! โ™ก Please just block me and go on with your day. I'm pretty open-minded about what's okay to draw and what's okay to ship, because I believe that portrayal =/= romanticisation. However, please block me if you ship pedophilic ships.

  • Because of identity diffusion caused by my qBPD I struggle with dissociation and depersonalization, meaning my brain feels like I don't have a body, and sometimes like I don't exist at all :0 I find understanding in concepts like A.I./androids, ghosts, voids. Just picture me like that idk lol.

  • Mutuals please tag with tw/cw: alcohol, drugs, eating disorder, animal abuse/injury/death, teeth horror, alarms, trypophobia, drowning, self-harm, suicide. Let me know if you need anything tagged.

  • Don't follow me if you're any sort of bigot or asshole. I don't engage, just block. Pedos/MAPS, terfs and nazis of any kind will be reported.

  • I also work very hard on my japanese, so please feel free to speak it with me!

  • Um and yeah just please be kind~ thank you for reading and understanding, and have an excellent day!๐ŸŒฑ

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๐ŸŒฑ commissions aside, if you wish to support me/my art/my top surgery, I highly encourage you to pledge to my patreon or buy me a ko-fi!