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Clear | 27 | They/He | Aus

commission sheet


BIO ▶ queer trans neurodivergent artist based in australia. your local existentially-challenged cryptid.ART ▶ I'm creating LGBT content for anime, games, tv and film. My favourite things to draw are people, food and scenery!! ♡INSPO ▶ music, solarpunk, cyberpunk, sci-fi, biology, astronomy, retro, horror, vaporwave, lo-fi, my identity / experiencesGOALS ▶ become 2D/3D animator, learn to scuba dive, reach JLPT-N1, become healthy and be my best self.

likes rainstorms, analogue horror, happy cats, charcuteriedislikes cilantro, unkindness, mosquitoes, hot weather

my artsona! his name is Pale~


thanks for checking out my art!
if you'd like to support me makin' stuff:


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Will / Won't Draw

🟢will draw:
pairings, lewd, light injury, dark themes, kemono (flat-faced)
🟡might draw:
cats, oc x canon, simple mecha, gore, complex outfits, nsfw (private only)
🔴won't draw:
most animals, heavy mecha, politics, logos etc, real people, realism, r18 minors

To Do list

🌱1000 izzy handses
🌱yoru no yume tododeku amv
🌱 copy light - TK from ling tosite sigure (len kagamine cover)
🌱 whistleblower (gay bnha fanfic)


under construction
• commissioned: spoopgeist; drawing: pale
• upcoming: twitter giveaway raffle?

• paws on ice charity zine
• DTIYS (ochatsuyu)
• holidays on ice charity zine



Portrait - $40
Half Body - $50
Full Body - $60

  • extra character + 50%

  • complex background + 50%

  • complex outfit +30%

  • complex prop + 20%

casual lineart, simply shaded with some highlights


Portrait - $75
Half Body - $95
Full Body - $120

  • extra character + 60%

  • complex background + 60%

  • complex outfit +40%

  • complex prop + 30%

neater lineart, more render + polish + lighting