Hi, I'm Clear! I'm a queer + trans artist and writer from Australia!


likes rainstorms!!!, cats, charcuterie, horror, guys who can sing high notes, silly goofy peopledislikes capitalism, cilantro, social media, unkindness, mosquitoes, hot weather, FOMO, losing stuff!!

..bio.. just a rainy gay ghost creating content for anime, games, tv and film, doing the best i can living through the climate apocalypse lol. i just wanna spread good vibes, and hopefully create art that resonates with others!..inspo.. music, solarpunk, science, retro, horror, neurodivergence, queerness, hyperfixations, radical leftism, conservation, love and acceptance!!..about my art.. sometimes i post nsfw and other mature/dark content! all my content is tagged and spoilered, please block if you're uncomfortable with my art in any way. 💙..disclaimer.. i block liberally and have a no-tolerance policy for drama, baiting, harassment, or the policing of '''problematic''' content.🌱 however, if you're chill, let's be friends! i'm open to being DM'd anytime! :3


anime bnha, kny, chainsaw man, kuroshitsuji, nge, yoi
games dead space, SOMA, half-life, TLOU, nieR
television ofmd, hannibal, iasip, pacrim, wwdits, classic horror, incantation, itysl
music TK, Eve, SID, aimer, mili, ゲスの極み乙女 , coldplay, fall out boy, the GazettE
books junji ito, ian irvine, tolkien, lovecraft, george rr martin, stephen king, neil gaiman
fav ppl con o'neill, matt berry, markiplier, jacksepticeye, game grumps, bo burnham, cr1tikal

the boys


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will drawpairings, OCs, nsfw, guro, dark themes, kemono, small animals, light mecha
won't drawr18 minors, heavy mecha, hateful content, logos, real people, some ships
extra character+50%
complex background+50%
complex outfit+25%
complex prop+25%
big effects+20%

to do list

newt req☆☆☆☆☆
comparison meme☆☆☆☆☆

last updated 17/06/23commission me using the link below!! :3

Terms of Service


• You must ask me before reposting my art anywhere
• You may use my art as icon or header with permission only, and credit must be included.
• Editing my art in any way (adding text, tracing, removing watermark etc) is NOT permitted. It cannot be used for AI or NFT.
• These (bit.ly/fuu-lines) are the terms for using any linearts of mine.
• All repost violations are reported. If you encounter a violation, you can:
1) Let them know I don't allow reposts (I use 'he' pronouns!) + nicely ask them to remove it
2) Provide a link to my account on that platform (or others if N/A)
3) Let me know about the violation so I can report it (if you feel like it)


• I will send a rough sketch for your approval, where I can make changes, and an optional lineart update. After that, additional updates can be made upon request.
• I will fix any mistakes on your piece at the end for free, and if requested, I will make up to 3 minor preferential changes at the end to your piece
• Please allow up to 4 weeks for your commission. (Can discuss deadlines if needed)
See my to-do list for updates: fuu.re/#status


• Full payment is required before starting work, and it must be through PayPal (or ko-fi in special circumstances).
• If you cancel before I've started work you are entitled to a full refund, but if you cancel after I've started work I can only offer a partial refund.


As the artist:
• I reserve the right to reject or cancel any order for any reason. (You will be refunded)
• I retain copyright over the commissioned artwork.
• I can post the commission on sites, use it in banners and other means of promoting myself.
As the customer:
• You cannot trace, copy or claim the commission as your own, nor remove the watermark.
• You cannot edit or feed the commission into any AI software.
• You may use the artwork as wallpaper/avatar/etc, as long as credit is given.
• You may NOT repost the artwork without permission. Please ask to post any pieces I create for you. Posted pieces MUST require links to my social media.
• You agree to use it exclusively for personal non-profit use. You can NOT make profits from the commissioned artwork (reselling, prints, merchandise etc.)


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